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  • Renae Tobin

Who knew?!

Wow, what a ride it has been! Back in 2015, when we started this little adventure at Tobin Fish Tales, I don't think we really knew what we were in for. How much work, how many hours, how much fish to cut! But also how much we would enjoy talking to customers about different fish types, what they taste like, how to cook them, how their fisheries work, and most importantly, the stories about the fishers who catch them. We love it when customers walk in and ask "has Sienna been fishing?", or "are these Billy's prawns?". Provenance - knowing where your seafood is from - is very important to us, and what we're all about. With this, brings an interest in how fisheries work, in how seafood is caught, in those that produce/catch your food. And with that, builds support of the industry behind these local products. This drive to bring the 'story' behind the seafood you're eating, is what led us to win the judges' choice for the National Australian Fish and Chip Awards. To say we were humbled by this award is an understatement. Our little shop in north Qld won the National trophy! Woohoo! Couldn't wipe the smile off our faces! This award brings recognition of an idea we had, the hard work that followed, the amazing staff that carried it through, and the fabulous customers that supported it. So, thank you, to all involved - the fishers, the staff, the customers. We couldn't have done it without you. This award has also inspired us to reinvigorate this 'blog' that we started back in 2016 (with just 1 post ... I know ... ). From here, we hope to provide you with stories about seafood, fishers, and fisheries, and perhaps a recipe or two. Let's hope we can keep the momentum going this time :) Watch this space ...

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