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The story behind Tobin Fish Tales

                                           every fish has a story 

Tobin Fish Tales is about quality fresh seafood; fish and chips; local seafood sources; sustainability; stories about fish, fishers and fisheries.


We love everything about Australian, particularly Queensland, and especially Great Barrier Reef, seafood.


Our end-game is to provide consumers with seafood from sustainable, primarily local sources, plus information about their choice. Interested customers will be able to know where their seafood came from, learn about the fishers who caught it, or the farmers who grew it, about how each species is managed, and more!

The story of the Tobins!

Andrew and Renae Tobin both have doctorates in fisheries science, with over 40 years combined experience.


We have also been licenced Queensland commercial fishers for >20 years; and we are GBRMPA Reef Guardian Fishers, meaning we do that bit more to care for the Great Barrier Reef and the fish we catch for you.


Both Andrew and Renae regularly advise all levels of government, NGOs and fishing industry members on issues concerning sustainability, conservation and stewardship of the environment and fish resources.


With this experience, and a passion for the Australian seafood industry, we aim to provide high quality fresh, local seafood, and to bring a wealth of knowledge about the seafood we offer.


Come and say 'hi', see what we have in-store for us to cook for you, or for you to take home fresh, and ask us the 'story' behind your seafood.

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