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In the beginning...

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

In the beginning, when we first started to think about starting Tobin Fish Tales, we wanted to start a space where people could learn more about the seafood they choose to eat. It seemed difficult for consumers to find information - what to choose, where it came from (with any more detail than 'Australian' / 'imported'), what is 'sustainable', what sustainability means really...

Much of the information that is available appears to either overly simplified (e.g. 'snapper' is red listed on some seafood guides, yet 'snapper' can refer to multiple species, some of which are sustainably harvested), or conflicting between sources (each source has it's own guidelines for what is considered 'sustainable').

So with this blog, we intend to start to to fill some information gaps! Much of this will be based on science - with links to original information - but may also include our own opinion based on what we know of fish, fishers and fisheries from decades of combined fisheries research and commercial fishing experience.

For now, if you are interested in learning more about the tales behind your seafood, the fishers who catch it, and how the fisheries are managed, please keep an eye on this page (or follow us on Facebook / Google+) and we'll add more over time... Thanks for your interest!

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